My books now in paperback + a plea for help!

Yes, I have some rather exciting news! All of my books are now available in paperback! How awesome is that?


They are, of course, available from Amazon and hopefully by the time this post goes out, Amazon will have finished linking the paperback editions to the Kindle editions and making it look all professional and stuff! But for now you can find the ‘real, actual book’ versions here:
Kismetology: UK || US
Creepy Christmas: UK || US
Afterlife Academy: UK || US
Not Pretty Enough: UK || US
North Pole Reform School is ready but not out until November 6th!

The second part of this post is a little plea for help.
On Wednesday (until Sunday) Afterlife Academy is going on a free promotion. The Kindle version will be free to download for five whole days, to coincide with Halloween and the start of NaNoWriMo (the first draft was written for NaNo a few years ago!) Last time I did this was with Kismetology in April, and it was very successful, reaching #7 in the overall UK chart, in no small part thanks to you lovely people who read this and share my ramblings! So, on Wednesday, when the book is actually free, I will be, um, everywhere, talking about it and plugging it. If you have a chance and could mention it on Twitter, FB, or otherwise, or RT any of my promo posts, that would be fantastic! I promise I’ll attempt not to bore you all to death! Also, if you’ve ever fancied reading it but not bought it yet, this is a good time to get it for free, and if you have read and enjoyed it and know someone else who might like it, please feel free to send them to Amazon between Wednesday and Sunday! UK Here and US Here!
Thank you all so much!

The third part of this post is a plug. My friend Ashley has just started up her own blog touring company, so if any of you are authors who need a blog tour, promo blitz, or cover reveal with very reasonable prices, or if you’re a blogger who fancies hosting some tours, check out Paranormal Sisters Touring! I’m slightly involved in it too by designing custom banners for the tours!


Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – The Tenth and Last Day!


It’s the end of the blog tour already! The last and final day is here. I can’t believe it’s over!

– Another fab start to the day with this review from the lovely Donna at Room For Reading!

– 4 stars from Me, Bookshelf, and I!

– 4 stars from Bianca2b!

– Lovely review from Rebbie Reviews!

– And Random Jendsmit hosts a guest post by me on Getting Inside Character’s Heads!

And that’s it! It’s been a fantastic two weeks and I can never thank everyone enough for all the love and support! Every review, every guest post, interview, spotlight, and excerpt from bloggers on the tour, and every mention and RT on Twitter and Facebook is appreciated so, so much! You guys rock!

Extra special thanks to Dianne at Oops I Read Again who has worked countless hours to organise this massive tour!

Coming up next week: Cover reveal info and blurb for my next book – North Pole Reform School!

Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – Day Nine!


Day Nine already! It’s the penultimate day of the blog tour! Just where have these two weeks disappeared to?!

– Today started off brilliantly too with a 5-star review from Sorcha at Old Victorian Quill!

– Amy Bookworm has done a not-quite-finished-the-book review!

– 3 stars and a lovely review from The Pink Polka Dot Blog!

– Ashley from Paranormal Sisters has interviewed me here! It was a great interview to do, and I’m pleased to be part of the upcoming blog tour for Ashley’s horror short story The Harvesters!

– And I can’t believe I forgot to mention this yesterday because it was so much fun to do! My dream cast if Not Pretty Enough was ever made into a movie! (Hah! A girl can dream…) Here’s who I would want to play Chessie, Lloyd, and Debs!

Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – Day Eight!


Day eight of the blog tour already! I can’t believe it!

– Another great start to the day with three (!) 5 star reviews! One from The Book Addict, one from Hot Off The Shelves, and one from Mommasez!

– Lovely review from Such A Novel Idea!

– And, this one is nothing to do with the blog tour, but the lovely Isabella Louise Anderson invited me back to be a guest on Chick Lit Goddess again, so here I am sharing my process of writing Not Pretty Enough, which I did a lot differently to the way I write most books!

Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – Days Six and Seven!


Two day round up today due to a lot of non-posters yesterday, there wasn’t much to round up!

– Today started off with a wonderful 8/10 review from the lovely Laura at Laura’s Little Book Blog!

– 4 stars from brilliant YA author Marie Landry! (Seriously, her book Waiting For The Storm is one of my top reads of 2013!)

– 5 stars from Frustrated Yukky Mummy!

– Lovely 4 star review from Book Comet!

– Another 4 star review from Reading To The Stars And Back!

– 4 stars from Mom In Love With Fiction!

– Another 4 stars from Love, Literature, Art, and Reason!

– More reviews from Books, Coffee, and Wine, Island Lovelies Book Club, Diva Booknerd, Reads And Thoughts, and The Bookworm In Boots!

Guest Posts:

– My top five new year’s resolutions on Jess Resides Here!

– My thoughts on book covers at Indy Book Fairy: Judge A Book By It’s Cover!

– A Little Bit Of R&R hosts How To Write YA That Appeals To Both Teens And Adults!

Don’t forget you can read excerpts from the book and also enter the giveaway to win swag and a $40 Amazon gift voucher at all of these tour stops!

Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – Day Five!


Can you believe a whole week has passed already?! This time next week, the whole tour will sadly be over!

– Day five got off to an amazing start with a fabulous 5-star review from my tattoo twin Jenny In Neverland!

– And another brilliant review from fellow Welsh writer and author of Red Threads Stacey J Mitchell!

– A great review from Sarah Elizabeth’s Bookshelf!

– 3 1/2 funny and lovable stars from A Bookish Escape!

– The lovely Amy Bookworm has done a Page 99 test!

– And I’ve done a really fun interview on Sutton Fox’s blog Fox Tales!

Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – Day Four!


– Day four starts with a guest post: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Not Pretty Enough, hosted by the lovely Cosmochicklitan!

– And another guest post: My take on getting inside character’s heads, this one is hosted by Random Jendsmit!

– A 4-star review from the lovely Nova at My Seryniti!

– Another 4-star review from The Phantom Paragrapher!

– And finally, a slightly spoilery 3-star review from Mostly YA!

As always, you can enter to win a $40 Amazon gift voucher + book swag at every tour stop!

Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – Day Two!


– Day two of the blog tour got off to a smashing start with a 5-star review from the lovely Sheli Reads!

– A fantastic 4-star review from Crawling Over The Pages!

– Fellow writer E.L. Adams also gives the book 4-stars!

– Fantastic Italian review from Please Another Book!

There are also two guest posts today:

– One on what drew me to writing in the first place on Sab The Book Eater

– And one about naming characters on Krystal’s Enchanting Reads!

Don’t forget you can enter to win a $40 Amazon gift voucher at any of these tour stops!

Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour – Day One!


Yes, today is the day that the Not Pretty Enough blog tour kicks off! I will be posting highlights here every night so you can follow the tour, there’s also the chance to win a $40 Amazon giftcard and some signed swag!

– Things started off really well this morning with a 5 star review from the fabulous Love Of A Good Book!

– There’s a guest post from me on the ups and downs of writing YA over at Literary Meanderings –

– There’s a lovely review and playlist on Starbucks & Books Obsessions –

– And there are more lovely reviews and excerpts at The Unknown Random, Danasquare, Inside The Mind Of A Bibliophile, and Stay Bookish! Thanks, girls!

That’s it for today, I’ll be back with more tour highlights tomorrow! Don’t forget you can enter the giveaway at almost any one of these tour stops!