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Much older self-published books from 2012/2013. Still available, but I’d like to think my writing has improved since then!


Kismetology was my very first novel, released in September 2012. It’s a chick-lit romantic comedy about finding the perfect man… For your overbearing, fussy, mother!
– Read more about Kismetology here!


Creepy Christmas was my second released novel, in November 2012. It’s a festive story for kids, middle-grade or approx age 8 and upwards!
– Read more about Creepy Christmas here!


Afterlife Academy is my third novel and was released in March 2013. It was my first YA book so is aimed at teens of all ages, and I’ve got to admit it’s my favourite cover of them all! It’s about a girl and boy who die and end up at a school for the dead!
– Read more about Afterlife Academy here!



Not Pretty Enough is my fourth release, sent out into the world in August 2013. My second YA book (although in terms of writing, it was the first YA book I ever wrote!) again aimed at teens of all ages. It’s about Chessie, a girl with a huge crush on a boy who doesn’t know she exists.
– Read more about Not Pretty Enough here!



My fifth book already! North Pole Reform School is another YA book, although aimed at slightly older teens this time due to bad language. Mistletoe Bell hates Christmas, until she is whisked away to a reform school at the North Pole, run by a group of elves who are determined to change her mind about the festive season!
– Read more about NPRS here!


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