Cover Reveal – A Midnight Kiss on Ever After Street!

It’s been ages since I had book news to share, but the time is finally here! I’m beyond excited to share the cover for my very first book with my brand new publisher, the fabulous Boldwood Books! A Midnight Kiss on Ever After Street – the first book in the Ever After Street series! I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this cover! I can’t wait for everyone to meet Sadie and Witt and share their Cinderella-like love story!

It’s out on July 4th and available to pre-order here! ~

Here’s the blurb ~

A picture-perfect town; a place where dreams come true. Welcome to Ever After Street…

Will a kiss at midnight change her life forever?

Sadie Winters has spent her whole life doing as she’s told. But when her overbearing aunt forbids her from going to the farewell ball at the beloved local castle, Sadie has had enough!

One magical makeover, one midnight curfew, and wearing a dress of her own creation, Sadie is unrecognizable as Ever After Street’s shy seamstress.

Sadie might dream of meeting a handsome prince but the only person to cross her path is Witt – the slightly awkward estate agent intending to sell the castle and dash Sadie’s dreams forever.

As the clock strikes midnight, Sadie and Witt share a magical kiss and Sadie knows her heart is in serious danger. Surely Witt must feel the same way…? Sadie can’t hang around to find out.

But as reality dawns the next day, and fate brings Witt to Sadie’s door again, Sadie realises that her mystery estate agent prince has absolutely no idea who she is!

Sadie can’t forget their midnight kiss, but is she brave enough to change her life and find love along the way…?

Perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Kat French and Caroline Roberts!


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