North Pole Reform School Blog Tour – Day 7 + 8!


So this is it, the NPRS tour is over already! It’s gone so quickly but it’s been such a lovely tour! The final two days have been amazing!

– A fantastic review from Kimber Leigh, who calls NPRS “one of her favourite reads this year” at Kimber Leigh Writes!

– Another amazing one from Unabridged Bookshelf!

– 5 Stars from Always Lost In Books!

– Lovely review from Chill Reviews!

– 4 stars from the Two Tall Tales blog!

– 4.5 out of 5 stars from All Things In The Cloud Sweet!

– An interview with me on lovely author Stacey J Mitchell’s blog!

– A guest post about my writing habits on Cherry Mischievous!

Don’t forget there’s still a $25 Amazon voucher up for grabs at each of these stops!

Not part of the tour, but two more things to mention

– My lovely tattoo-buddy Jenny has listed her top ten books of 2013, and Not Pretty Enough has made her list! It’s such an honour! Check it out at Jenny In Neverland!

– And last but not least, fab writer Jennifer Joyce has let me on her blog today to talk about my top ten Christmas films!

Thank you all for such a wonderful tour! It’s been fab and festive, and I can’t believe how nice everyone has been about the book! Thank you everyone! Now, it’s nearly Christmas… Where’s the Quality Street?


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