Finally! Finished edits of Creepy Christmas!

I know, I know. Kismetology has barely hit the shelves and I’m already going on about the next book. But there is a good reason – the next book is a Christmas story, so marketing time is very limited. Let’s face it, there’s no point in releasing a Christmas book at any time of year other than in the weeks before Christmas! No one wants to read Christmas stories in July, do they?!

This one is a children’s story, middle-grade, so aimed at around ages 8 and up. I don’t know, to be honest. This is my first time writing a children’s story. It’s called Creepy Christmas, and now it’s been sent to be edited, my next job is to design the cover!

I finally finished my edits on it yesterday afternoon. It feels like I’ve been doing it for ages, and it’s been a good few weeks of re-writing, re-arranging bits, and editing. It’s nearer to Christmas now, but when I started the editing process, it was early August and it’s quite strange to be writing about Christmas at the height of summer!

And, no sooner had I finished my edits, a lovely courier delivered this little guy:

A new Scentsy warmer, suitably Christmas themed! He melts cubes of scented wax that make the room smell nice. He arrived with such good timing that I had to get him out and plug him in immediately. I don’t even mind that it’s not October yet, let alone time to get the snowmen out!


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