Thank you!

I had to do a post about this because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
The support I’ve had since I decided to self-publish has been unbelievable. My dad has offered help. My brother and sister-in-law have been amazing, interested and supportive! My mum is incredibly supportive, although not overly impressed that I borrowed some of her quirks for the mum in the book. (A love of Martin Clunes, for example!) (Seriously. If anyone can shed some light on that one, feel free!)
My online friends are amazing. Cheerleading me all the way and promising they won’t get sick of me going on and on about writing.
People I’ve only just met on Twitter are encouraging and brilliant.

And okay, so no one has read the book yet. They may read it, think it’s crap, and hate me forever.

But I openly admit that I didn’t expect support, especially from people who know me in real life. Especially from the ones who don’t know what a Kindle is and don’t understand how I can be a writer if WH Smith don’t stock my book. But they have all been there, asking me about the book, about the process, how long it will be before it’s out so they can tell their friends to buy it.
It’s the complete opposite of what I expected. I honestly expected complete and utter indifference, of a “that’s nice” and an uninterested handwave variety.
And I’m sure that says more about me than it does about my friends and family, but it has been a very pleasant surprise and a nice lesson in human nature.

So, to everyone, even to you who has taken the time to read this: THANK YOU!

Sidenote: My release date is next week. Next Friday, to be precise. I apologise in advance for shameless plugging everywhere it is possible to shameless plug!

Other sidenote: On the plus side, it appears my day of formatting has worked and the file seems to have converted nicely for Kindle. I haven’t built up the courage to tackle Smashwords yet.
Not too keen on the KDP preview of my cover image though. Hope it looks better than that on the site!


2 responses

  1. Jaimie I went into full-scale panic and meltdown when I viewed the cover of Gunshot Glitter in the KDP preview screen, I really did. I mentioned it in my blog, but in reality, as a tiny thumbnail, when it was published, it looked fine. It’s frustrating, that the only way you can be really sure is by seeing the process through, though I did email KDP and ask them to be sure it was okay as I was that concerned. I love your cover, well done! Your day is almost near, enjoy it : ) I like the premise of your story, it’s a novel one and what a lovely title! Very best of luck xx

    • Thank you so much, Yasmin!
      That KDP preview cover scared me half to death! I must’ve uploaded it about 50 times in different resolutions, before finally deciding it must be an Amazon problem! Such a relief to see it looking nice in the site though, it really had me worried!

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